prolećna pesma h2


Drama / Serbia - 2021 - 73 '/ directed by Natalija Avramović

Petra, a young single mother, after divorce and father'sdeath, tries to break free and live her life in spite of everyone, looking for the Right One.

PETRA is a young single mother of an eight-year-old boy, a director employed by "Filmski novosti", who after the divorce is trying to put her life in order and enable her son a happy childhood. At the same time, Petra is renovating the apartment and preparing a documentary about the poet Desanka Maksimović. Her father dies suddenly after a serious illness. This triggers internal processes in her, which she is not aware of at the beginning. After the first shock, Petra tries to continue her usual life related to working on a documentary film. At the same time, friends are inviting her to her hometown to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of graduation, and the long-awaited wedding of her best friend, which is being organized on Ada Bojana, is approaching. Petra's mother and brother oppose her decision to attend the celebrations in the period of mourning, but, stubborn and rebellious as she is, Petra works on her own way.

"Spring Song" is a portrait of a woman, whose story is based on true events.