The Return

 The Return h


drama / Turkey-2022-150 '/directed by Mustafa Deniz

Having lost his father and seeing it as the beginning of his own death, Yağmur returns to his hometown to fill in his father's shoes.

Having completed his drawn-out university education in Ankara, Yağmur returns to his parents’ house in Muğla; however this is a short-term stay. He contemplates moving to İstanbul in an attempt to make a professional living from photography, which he had taken up as a hobby while in university. Nevertheless his father Orhan passes away shortly after. With his death, Yağmur feels like he is at the early stages of a trauma that will last for an extended period of time, and photography seems vague and hopeless to him. He starts working in a bank after almost everyone around him prompts him to do so. Feeling pretty distant from his ideals, Yağmur makes plans to leave his long-term girlfriend Fulya and return to his hometown. One weekend he packs the hair clipper and the soaked books that are the embodiment of his regrets, and travels to Muğla without notifying his sister Yaprak and mother Şennur. As a matter of fact, this is a rehearsal to return for good.