Curious Ana



adventurous, growing up / Croatia - 2022 - 26 x 25 '/ student / producer - creator of the concept: Aleksandar Arsovski, director: Veno Mušinović

Twelve-year-old Ana and Petar, with the help of Ana's doll Eva, rearranged the useless room to their own studio and sets out to explore the unknown facts and record it as their own show.

Twelve-year-old Ana got the idea to transform her father's unusable garage into a small laboratory where she and her best friend Peter will start their own show, and Eva, Ana's doll, is joining their team. In their show, Ana and Petar invite some of their friends from school as guests, to discover things together, make origami, dance, but most importantly: find out facts to which even some adults may not have an answer. Together with Eva and Petra, Ana will visit many museums, educational centers, exhibitions, and will meet many people from different profiles of the profession. For the three of them, each week is a new adventure they have to go through together.