drama, fantasy, mystery, growing up / Serbia - 2022 - 20 '/ student film / directed by: Tamara Broćić

Eight-year-old Sara spends summer in the village with her grandmother, where, under the influence of myths, she tries to put together fragments of events from the life of a girl from the village, Anica, and discover how adult life works.

Summer 2004. Sara (8) from Belgrade, on vacation with her grandmother (66) spends time hanging out with a girl from the village, Vesna (10), who introduces her to the secrets she learns from the fragments of life of her elder sisters Anica (17), whom they spy together, when they do not wander around the village where the locals perform superstitious rituals. Vesna tells Sara the information that intrigues her. Sara hears from her grandmother that long ago unmarried girls from the village got pregnant when they were visited by a vampire. The two of them secretly follow Anica in the evening when she goes to the river to see a boy from the neighboring village. They watch them from the bushes, and Vesna makes up explanations and makes Sara even more uneasy. During the night, Sara sneaks out of the house and later finds traces of blood and Anica's hair band in the same place by the river. Terrified, she runs back home, unable to sleep. In the morning, on the river, women from the village bathe as part of the village ritual on the eve of Ivanjdan. Sara takes off her clothes and while she is getting wet, she sees Anica entering the river radiant. Sara looks at the women around her and her body, fascinated.