The festival program will contain video presentations of films and TV series, the realization of which is planned soon. Those videos will primarily present the basic idea, story, characters and the universe in which the story takes place.

Authors and productions are left free in terms of video form, but the length is limited to a maximum of 10 minutes. It is also recommended that the video not be shorter than 3 minutes.
The festival is an opportunity for the audience to see what are filmmakers preparing, what movies and what TV series. The festival is also an opportunity for authors and productions, to hear to the reactions of the audience and the professional public, the jury, to meet important people from the funds, from potential collaborating production companies, media, companies involved in the distribution and sales of films and TV series. All these conversations will be in the spirit of exchange of ideas and information, which will help to the participant in their efforts to reach the fastest and highest quality realization of their plans.

Everything that will be shown at the Festival will also be shown in the traveling film review - Future Films Night. It will be an opportunity for the audience in Serbia, but also in the region, Europe, maybe even wide, to get acquainted with expected future films and TV series... and to vote for the best... and to be awarded for smart vote.